Adai Ad: Empowering couples. Enriching relationships.

Adai Ad means ‘successfully lasting’ in Hebrew; thus, an Adai Ad relationship is one that is successfully lasting.

Adai Ad’s vision is that every couple relationship is a successful one where all in the family thrive.


The Adai Ad Institute’s programs offers the tools and mindsets to make one’s relationships the most enriching and empowering force of their life.

Adai Ad’s mission is to provide awareness, education and guidance for all aspects related to enriching and empowering the couple relationship, in these 4 areas:

  • Dating for an Adai Ad relationship
  • Setting up an Adai Ad relationship
  • Invigorating an Adai Ad relationship
  • Resetting for an Adai Ad relationship

To this end, Adai Ad sponsors, hosts and/or participates in events and activities that promote strong and healthy relationships, such as webinars/ conference calls, social media, the website, courses (online and in person), and individual coaching.